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NAS (SS4200)

The Intel SS4200-E is a NAS made by Intel for the SOHO market. It comes in two versions, the E has a flash DOM with EMC's RAID NAS software, and the EHW which comes with no hardware.

Effectively it's a Intel Celeron Core Solo 420 1.6Ghz with 1x PATA, 4x SATA, 2x eSATA and 4x USB ports, a single RAM slot (512MB included) and a Gigabit Intel network card.

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CF card on ATA adapter for Deiban install
Added a serial port to the board header. It's even got a punched out hole for it in the back panel. I followed the pin out here.

Console Access
The BIOS has serial "Remote Access" enabled by default. However when Linux loads it resets the Display Terminal, effectively turning it off. You need to make sure your boot loader is passing in the required kernel switches to re-enable the serial console. In my case I used "console=ttyS0,115200n8" in GRUBs menu.lst, however you will need to pass that into the installer's kernel as well.

Wake On LAN
WOL seems to be enabled by default in the BIOS, in fact I can't see how to turn it off.

Fairly basic. Hit DEL to get in, you will need to use a USB keyboard as it doesn't work from the serial console.