I needed a way of logging TCP traffic so I could debug a client/server application. There was lots of port sniffers aviliable, but no simple utilities like PFWL. It simply redirects one TCP port to another and records all traffic to a file. Runs under Windows or Linux and works with both the Microsoft and Mono platforms.
Port Forwarding with Logging 

A command-line media streamer for the Xbox (see the homebrew Xbox Media Center). Runs under Windows or Linux and works well running in the background as a daemon. Currently supports XNS streams, and hopefully will one day support the newer XBMSP streams. Note that this has not been released, mainly because I was hoping to include XBMSP support first.
Xbox Media Streaming Server 

A fractal landscape generator. Designed to provide hight maps for other applications to turn into a 3d landscape.
Fractal Landscape Generator 

Example of serial comms in C# v2.0. Intended to become a serial logging utility.
Serial Command 

A bitmap font generator and render designed for XNA. However it's on hold untill I get more time and untill XNA is released as Microsoft may include bitmap font support into XNA.
C# Bitmap Font 

A project to convert old laptop into picture frames.
Picture Frame

From time to time there may be other stuff that I havn't included here, so don't be afraid to have a look!