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Design Specification lite

Template for Developer Quote


Short description of what the task is. If this document is part of a Briefing sheet then this should be empty unless there is extra information.

Could be quoted text from Client Leader or Clients.


Project Details

Include Project code (ABC123) and links to other resources that contain related details including fileserver and wiki.



This section isn’t required for simple issues; however for more complex tasks or ones which are not very specific it may be required to research the problem and work out what the issues actually is. This section is for that detail.


Affected Areas

List of areas that could be affected by the changes in this quote. Judgement should be used to decide on detail level but it should be kept in mind that this information should be usable by anyone whom needs to test the changes.

 This will include both directly affected areas, and those areas which are indirectly affected. As an example many parts of a web-site can be affected by Subscription changes, the Subscription and login modules are directly affected however many areas also track subscribers and may be indirectly affected.



Any recommendations the developers have. This could include mobile, Google Analytics and other suggestions that are not covered by this quote.



Any considerations or limits the developer foresees with this change. Examples could include file upload size limits or support file formats on an image/movie viewer.



Any questions the developer has about the changes. A final quote shouldn’t have any of these since they should all be resolved. These questions are aimed at the client, so it’s expected that these questions will have already been asked of the Client Leader and/or User Experience Architect.



A list of tasks required to meet the Briefing requirements. Should be detailed enough for another developer to do the tasks. In general line-by-line changes should not be included but details down to which function or Stored Procedure are quite acceptable.

It may help to think of this as a planning the changes and the actual completing of the changes will be a case of following the task list below.

Task 1


Task 2


Task etc…


A list of tests that should be done to insure the above work is completed. An example may be testing that CKEditor and the Asset Manager are working after a Helium Upgrade.

Ideally a list of Use-Cases or other test documents should be listed here.



Information on the deployment of the changes. Should be written with mindset that another developer may be doing the task.

It is acceptable to include a link to the Fusion Wiki as these details should be listed on the project’s wiki page.


Time Estimate

Time estimates for the tasks required to develop this quote. The first list should be all tasks listed above. The second is a common list of tasks for deploying a Helium based site.




Time Est. (hours)

Task 1



Task 2






Common Tasks



Time Est. (hours)

Setup Permissions on Classes



Script Helium field changes



Script Core field changes



Script Core Stored Procedure changes



Script Core data changes












Deploy to Beta



Deploy to Live




Bevan Coleman,
30 May 2011, 23:25